Friday, 8 April 2011

Resolute Sunrise

Just a short update to say that after a long journey north we ourselves and kit have arrived safely in Resolute. I have to say that the facilities in PCSP where we are staying are nothing short of superb. The temperature is down to below -30°C but being outside feel no worse that a cold day in the Alps.

Flying in most of the scenery was basically white nothingness, interspersed with  occasional and amazing exposed rock. The final approach was probably best getting close up and real with the ice. The photo above shows the fast ice boundary and from then on the ice is solid until our base.

So now off to breakfast and then to finess our plans (drafted on the long flight up her) and gather equipment before hopefully heading out on the ice later today to see if our theory works in practice!

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  1. now, if there's a tanning salon in Resolute it's almost certainly the record holder!